1955 Foundation of Nederlands Overzees Bevrachtings- en Expeditiekantoor NOBEK N.V. in The Hague. 1963 Moving to Rotterdam. Nobek is mainly active in export shipments, barging, ship’s agency and forwarding. 1969 New management. Increasing of staff and activities. Also aiming for import shipments of iron ore, coal and steel products. 1983 Nobek is moving into het new office in the Hulstkamp-building on the quay of the Maas in Rotterdam. 1997 The management took over Nobek B.V. from their Swiss owners. 1998 Nobek B.V. is moving to Moerdijk with a warehouse of 2500 m2. 2004 Moving to a self-built office in Moerdijk with a high-quality warehouse of 6500 m2. 2005 Nobek is existing for 50 years. 2008 Obtaining extra grounds and employing our own steel terminal. 2012 Nobek AEO Certified.